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ARCHAEA: VOLUME 2, NO. 3 (Issue in progress)

The following article has been published in advance of print publication at http://archaea.ws/archive/contents/volume2.3.html

Archaea 2
Conditions for gene disruption by homologous recombination of exogenous DNA into the Sulfolobus solfataricus genome

Archaea provides rapid peer review and publication of articles dealing with any aspect of research on the Archaea, including, bioinformatics, biotechnology, environmental adaptation, enzymology, genetics, metabolism, molecular biology, phylogeny and ultrastructure.

Manuscripts should be submitted online at: http://www.celeritas.org/archaea/submit0.php

An author guide is available at: http://archaea.ws/archaeaguide.html

For subscription rate information, or to purchase a subscription, please see: http://archaea.ws/archaea-s.html.

To recommend to that your library subscribe to Archaea, you may wish to use the online form at http://archaea.ws/lsrf.php.

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The purpose of Archaea Alerts is to announce publication of articles in Archaea as they appear online, and to distribute other information strictly pertaining to the journal Archaea.

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