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Archaea, Volume 2, Issue in Progress

The following article has been published online:

Cultivation of methanogens from shallow marine sediments at Hydrate Ridge, Oregon: MELISSA M. KENDALL and DAVID R. BOONE
For the summary and full text, see the Issue in Progress at:


Review Management: The Archaea editorial office now employs a user-friendly automated review management system, that will speed manuscripts through the peer-review process.

Online Manuscript Submission: To speed the processing of manuscripts, you can now submit papers online at http://celeritas.org/archaea for the immediate attention of the Editors.

Suggesting Reviewers: During the online submission process, you will have the option of nominating up to five individuals that you consider well qualified to review your work.

Journal Distribution: Archaea is published both in print and online. Free access to articles on the Web is provided six months after online publication. Authors may arrange immediate free online distribution by payment of a fee (see: http://archaea.ws/archaeaguide.html#Charges).

Archaea Now Indexed By MEDLINE: The contents of Archaea are now included in the MEDLINE database, available via PubMed and other outlets.

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