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Volume 2
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Volume 2, 2007

Number 2, May

Archaea 2:73–81 [ Summary ] [ Full Text ]
An analysis of amino acid sequences surrounding archaeal glycoprotein sequons
Mehtap Abu-Qarn and Jerry Eichler

Archaea 2:83–93 [ Summary ] [ Full Text ]
Widespread distribution of archaeal reverse gyrase in thermophilic bacteria suggests a complex history of vertical inheritance and lateral gene transfers
Céline Brochier-Armanet and Patrick Forterre

Archaea 2:95–107 [ Summary ] [ Full Text ]
AMP-forming acetyl-CoA synthetases in Archaea show unexpected diversity in substrate utilization
Cheryl Ingram-Smith and Kerry S. Smith

Archaea 2:109–115 [ Summary ] [ Full Text ]
SSoNΔ and SSoNΔlong: two thermostable esterases from the same ORF in the archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus?
Luigi Mandrich, Margherita Pezzullo, Mosè Rossi and Giuseppe Manco

Archaea 2:117–125 [ Summary ] [ Full Text ]
Lineage-specific partitions in archaeal transcription
Richard M. R. Coulson, Nathalie Touboul and Christos A. Ouzounis

Archaea 2:127–135 [ Summary ] [ Full Text ]
The genome of Hyperthermus butylicus: a sulfur-reducing, peptide fermenting, neutrophilic Crenarchaeote growing up to 108 °C
Kim Brügger, Lanming Chen, Markus Stark, Arne Zibat, Peter Redder, Andreas Ruepp, Mariana Awayez, Qunxin She, Roger A. Garrett and Hans-Peter Klenk

Archaea 2:137–143 [ Summary ] [ Full Text ]
Gene decay in archaea
M. W. J. van Passel, C. S. Smillie and H. Ochman

Volume 2
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