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Volume 2
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Volume 2, 2006

Number 1, August

Archaea 2:1–9 [ Summary ] [ Free Full Text ]
The archaeal origins of the eukaryotic translational system
Hyman Hartman, Paola Favaretto and Temple F. Smith

Archaea 2:11–30 [ Summary ] [ Full Text ]
Distribution, structure and diversity of “bacterial” genes encoding two-component proteins in the Euryarchaeota
Mark K. Ashby

Archaea 2:31–38 [ Summary ] [ Full Text ]
Cultivation of methanogens from shallow marine sediments at Hydrate Ridge, Oregon
Melissa M. Kendall and David R. Boone

Archaea 2:39–49 [ Summary ] [ Full Text ]
Identification of SmtB/ArsR cis elements and proteins in archaea using the Prokaryotic InterGenic Exploration Database (PIGED)
Michael Bose, David Slick, Mickey J. Sarto, Patrick Murphy, David Roberts, Jacqueline Roberts and Robert D. Barber

Archaea 2:51–57 [ Summary ] [ Full Text ]
Purification and characterization of a thermostable, haloalkaliphilic extracellular serine protease from the extreme halophilic archaeon Halogeometricum borinquense strain TSS101
Malashetty Vidyasagar, S. Prakash, Carol Litchfield and K. Sreeramulu

Archaea 2:59–72 [ Summary ] [ Full Text ]
A putative viral defence mechanism in archaeal cells
Reidun K. Lillestøl, Peter Redder, Roger A. Garrett and Kim Brügger

Volume 2
     Issue:       One       Two       Three