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Volume 1
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Volume 1, 2005

Number 6, December

Archaea 1:365–373 [ Summary ] [ Free Full Text ]
New experimental approaches for investigating interactions between Pyrococcus furiosus carbamate kinase and carbamoyltransferases, enzymes involved in the channeling of thermolabile carbamoyl phosphate
Jan Massant and Nicolas Glansdorff

Archaea 1:375–384 [ Summary ] [ Free Full Text ]
Role of the precorrin 6-X reductase gene in cobamide biosynthesis in Methanococcus maripaludis
Wonduck Kim, Tiffany A. Major and William B. Whitman

Archaea 1:385–389 [ Summary ] [ Free Full Text ]
Characterization of the Family I inorganic pyrophosphatase from Pyrococcus horikoshii OT3
Sung-Jong Jeon and Kazuhiko Ishikawa

Archaea 1:391–397 [ Summary ] [ Free Full Text ]
Succession of methanogenic archaea in rice straw incorporated into a Japanese rice field: estimation by PCR-DGGE and sequence analyses
Atsuo Sugano, Hidetaka Tsuchimoto, Tun Cho Cho, Makoto Kimura and Susumu Asakawa

Archaea 1:399–410 [ Summary ] [ Free Full Text ]
A study of archaeal enzymes involved in polar lipid synthesis linking amino acid sequence information, genomic contexts and lipid composition
Hiromi Daiyasu, Kei-Ichi Kuma, Toshiro Yokoi, Hiroyuki Morii, Yosuke Koga and Hiroyuki Toh

Archaea 1:411–423 [ Summary ] [ Free Full Text ]
Oligomerization of Sulfolobus solfataricus signature amidase is promoted by acidic pH and high temperature
Anna Scotto D'Abusco, Rita Casadio, Gianluca Tasco, Laura Giangiacomo, Anna Giartosio, Valentina Calamia, Stefania Di Marco, Roberta Chiaraluce, Valerio Consalvi, Roberto Scandurra and Laura Politi

Volume 1
    Issue:          One                Two                Three                Four                Five                  Six