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Revised Mar 11, 2002


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(hereinafter called the “Subscriber”) of the one part and Heron Publishing, 202-3994 Shelbourne Street, Victoria, British Columbia V8N 3E2, Canada (hereinafter called “the Publisher,” which expression shall, where the context admits, include the Publisher's assigns, or successors in business as the case may be) of the other part.

WHEREBY it is mutually agreed between the parties hereto for themselves and their respective assigns or successors, as follows:

1. The Publisher shall, in the period for which a full-rate subscription has been paid, provide the Subscriber with both the print edition of Archaea and Internet access to the electronic edition of Archaea. Such access is restricted to the physical location to which the print journal is delivered, comprising a single contiguous campus community or contiguous commercial office complex (hereinafter called the Licensed Site). Rates for multi-site licenses are considered on a case by case basis. Quotes are available from the Publisher.

2. The Subscriber shall provide the Publisher with the Internet Protocol (I.P.) address(es) corresponding to the Licensed Site. The aforementioned I.P. address(es) shall not provide access at any physical location beyond the boundaries of the Licensed Site. Valid IP addresses cannot include publicly accessible proxy or cache servers. Authorized users of Archaea Online include personal subscribers, the employees, students, and permanent and visiting faculty of the Licensed Site, and members of the public permitted to access material in a library that subscribes to Archaea.

3. The Subscriber shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the use of files, including printed copies, downloaded from the Archaea Web site will be solely for the personal or internal institutional use of the Subscriber. Accordingly, the Subscriber agrees not to distribute copyright material from the Archaea Web site, whether in electronic or printed form, beyond the boundaries of the Licensed site except with the written permission of the Publisher. Authorized users may transmit articles only to other authorized users.

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Please complete the form, print it, sign it and return by fax (+250 721 9924) or mail to Heron Publishing, Archaea, 202-3994 Shelbourne St., Victoria, B.C. V8N 3E2, Canada.

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