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Author Guide

Scope of Journal

Archaea will provide rapid peer review and publication of articles dealing with any aspect of research on the Archaea, including, bioinformatics, biotechnology, environmental adaptation, enzymology, genetics, metabolism, molecular biology, phylogeny, and ultrastructure.
Types of Articles Published

Archaea is intended primarily as a medium for reporting original research, both theoretical and experimental, although technical reviews are also included. Preliminary reports, or reports presenting results of only one aspect of a larger study, will normally be declined.

Submitting an Article for Peer Review

Electronic submission To speed processing, authors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts electronically. All components of the manuscript (including text, tables, figures, figure captions and references) should be included in a single PDF file (with fonts embedded) and attached to a covering email message addressed to: .

Authors without the Adobe Acrobat software can create a PDF file with Adobe’s Create Adobe PDF Online service (the first three files are free). Please review the PDF file carefully before submission, to ensure that the formatting faithfully reproduces that of the original document and includes all symbols and special characters.

Submission by mail Send one hard copy of the manuscript plus a single digital file, preferably PDF, on an IBM-format floppy disk, zip disk or CD-ROM to:

The Editors, Archaea
Heron Publishing, 202-3994 Shelbourne St.
Victoria, British Columbia
V8N 3E2, Canada

The digital file should include all components of the article (i.e., text, references, tables, figure captions and, if possible, figures). If figures cannot be included with the other components of the paper, separate electronic image files may be supplied. For suitable file formats, please see the section below on Submitting figures in digital format.

Naming digital files Please name files in accordance with the name of the corresponding author, e.g., AUTHORNAME.PDF or AUTHORNAME.FIGURE_1.TIF.

Editorial correspondence Acknowledgment of receipt and other correspondence will be addressed to the corresponding author indicated on the first page of the manuscript.